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learn specific business skills & address a particular challenge

create a startup-type initiative & help it grow

research an issue but don't know how (or don't have the resources)

network & build my ecosystem

Besides running standard insight & innovation programs, we also:

  • Design custom edusulting programs to help people learn innovation tools & techniques or other management topics, and mentor a real project

  • Help startups acquire skills, map their journey, and connect with funders & others who can help

  • Conduct/arrange custom research projects, as well as pursuing our own research into the creative processes of world-leading innovators

  • Host networking events to foster our innovation ecosystem – come join us!

Who should apply?


Frame your particular challenge(s), learn new tools and techniques, solve problems creatively, and craft a strategic vision.


Address particular challenges, foster innovation, build new capabilities, and make connections for fresh ideas.


Connect, learn, create, and launch!

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