Create customer insights for growth through design thinking.

“Four hours that could change your life!”
- Alison Drewell, VP Retail, VF Corporation


grow my business

create products & services people will really buy

understand my customers better

reduce risk & increase success of new initiatives

solve problems in radical new ways

create a culture of innovation

Customer Insight Innovation our flagship program for developing insights. It begins with ExperienceInnovation™, an expert-guided simulation built by ExperiencePoint in collaboration with award-winning design consultancy IDEO.


In this workshop, you’ll learn the tools & techniques of the world’s most innovative firms, along with IDEO’s methodology for innovation using design thinking. You’ll experience a real 4-month innovation project in just 4 hours!

You’ll learn to see new needs & opportunities, deeply understand customers and potential customers, break through barriers by re-defining your challenges, generate ideas more effectively, and create prototypes & experiments to test out ideas before spending big budgets on development.

You can come just to learn, or following the workshop, we can help you apply what you’ve learned to your own business challenge.
When that happens, you come out not only with new skills but also a real business initiative, based on your newly-gathered deep understanding of your customers and non-customers, fresh ideas for your situation, prototypes and experiments that make your ideas real and make them better, as well as next steps for implementation.

Official IDEO materials crafted by ExperiencePoint, delivered by us, their sole partner headquartered in Asia.

Programs available:
learning only
- or –
learn & do
½, 1, & 2-day workshops
1-week immersion
multi-month projects
fully customizable
ongoing support as needed

Design Thinking
/dəˈzīn ˈTHiNGkiNG/

a human-centered approach to innovation that integrates what people need/want with what’s technologically possible and creates real value, borrowing tools & techniques from design.
(adapted from Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO)
$3.1Bn saved at Bank of America
$100 million savings at a Global Technology Giant
modern computer mouse (created by IDEO)
4 hours of service in 10 mins (Singapore MOM)
world-class Innova Schools, $130/month
sanitation designed for 1 billion people with Unilever
App Store's most popular app for children 0-5 (Elmo)

Who should apply?


Learn design-thinking skills and envision how to grow through deep customer insight.


Learn and apply IDEO's design thinking approach to specific challenges.


Foster a culture of innovation by learning design thinking and using it to find unmet customer needs and opportunities for improved operations.

Gain Insight, Design Solutions

Contact us to find out more and let us know your particular needs. We offer standard and customized programs.