Whether you're disrupting or being disrupted, you'll need to know the best strategies for survival & growth.


find disruptive opportunities

grow & protect my startup from industry leaders

avoid being killed by a startup

stabilize my business and create a solid foundation for growth

know how my organization can and cannot innovate, and what to do about it

understand how my industry is changing and prepare for the future now

Disruptive Innovation is happening all around us. Whether you’re an MNC, SME, or startup, you’ll need to know what to do about it. So, we've created a blended program that combines online learning and our own global, expert, in-person facilitation. The online portion of the course will get you well-grounded in theory and cases, and the team-huddle time will give you practice applying the theory to your own situation.

We can help you with pre-course planning (who will attend, strategic questions, timing, venues), team huddle facilitation during the course, and post-course workshops to create real initiatives/projects to impact your business, using frameworks from the course and additional tools & techniques from the world's most innovative companies.

The program is fully customizable with the following add-ons:

launch - a launch event to share knowledge of your situation, your organization's needs, and create a cohesive team

location - we're happy to host your learning journey at our Singapore & Dubai campuses (Sydney & Mumbai campuses and Silicon Valley can be arranged through Singapore & Dubai agreements). We’ll connect you with our business network, to help you learn about these markets & their innovation ecosystems first-hand

tools - for discovering customer needs, including techniques from design thinking, customer ethnography, and additional innovation processes & tools

experts - from outside your organization with deep knowledge inside & outside your industry, as well as futurists who keep an eye on trends, new technologies, and what’s happening in your geographies/markets

acceleration - we've teamed up with the BoP Hub -- an accelerator and design center built for the 4 billion people and $5 trillion marketplace at the "base of the pyramid." We can help you tap into this next blue ocean

coaching - whether creating or responding to disruption, it’ll be a process. We can help you solve problems creatively, adjust course, and sustain momentum

Whether you want to create or respond to disruption, we can help you build skills, craft your journey, and make an impact.

Who should apply?


Learn what disruptive strategy really is, apply the lenses to your business & industry, and craft a way forward.


Learn & use disruptive strategy to see if you're under threat, envision your options, and manage your own sustaining and disruptive innovations.


Understand where disruptive opportunities & threats lie and how to become a disruptor or respond to disruption.

Disrupt & Respond to Disruption

Contact us to find out more and let us know your particular needs. We offer standard and customized programs.