Part accelerator, part incubator, part excubator. Here is how it works.


invigorate my execs by having them work with startups in a startup environment

learn startup skills

come up with fresh ideas

craft or recraft my new initiative for success

In this immersion program, you alone or you & your team
(MNC, SME, or startup)

Tell us whether you:
- have an idea/challenge you want to pursue (or none)
- have a team, want to join one, or want to invite new people to your team for a fresh perspective
(Great chance for large organizations & startups to learn from each other!)

We will take all the teams assembled through a 1-week

startup immersion

to generate a new product/service prototype and a basic growth strategy. It’s like a hackathon, except you may create something that’s not code or an app.

  1. We’ll start with a ½-day simulation game by IDEO + ExperiencePoint so you can learn how they create new groundbreaking products & services with design thinking

  2. Then we’ll help you tackle your real-life challenge, learning from people in the real world, and prototyping & testing possible solutions. If you don't have your own challenge, we invite you to address one at the BoP HUB accelerator.

  3. On the final day, we’ll go through key concepts of disruptive innovation & startup strategies, plotting your approach going forward. Teams will present to a panel of entrepreneurs/investors/accelerators, and you’ll be networking with entrepreneurs, funders, mentors, and more.

You will earn a certificate for the program, learn new skills & strategies based on other companies’ experiences, tap into our network of mentors & organizations, and set up your initiative for success.

If the 1-week timeframe is not right for you, your team can begin the immersion, complete what’s appropriate for you, and schedule the rest at your own pace (e.g. by joining the next event, coaching, or groupwork).

Unlike most incubator/accelerator programs, you don’t need to apply with a business plan in hand. You or your investors pay for the program, come, learn, connect, and design something people really want that’s technically feasible and creates real value.

Who should apply?


Roll up your sleeves & have your exec's & managers act like entrepreneurs, with entrepreneurs. It's also a great place to gain ideas, see from a fresh perspective, and make connections for open innovation/partnerships.


Take your SME forward with connections in larger & smaller organisations. Learn innovation skills & create new growth initiatives.


Learn startup skills, network with entrepreneurs, funders, & mentors, and connect with MNC's & SME's who could be useful collaborators.

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